Sample System
20kW @ 3$/W
Investment Tax Credit
Year 1 depreciation @35% tax rate
Years 2-5 depreciation
Annual value of energy @ $.12/kWhr
Lifetime value of energy @ 25 years**

*USDA REAP grants are awarded on a competitive basis. Receipt of grant is not assured; however, MSA will assist all committed clients with the application process.

** This value was calculated with the current rate of 12 cents/kWhr, however, as the cost of electricity goes up this value will increase as well. At year 25, the lifetime value of energy produced will be significantly higher.

Panels for gates and pumps

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Barn roof array


Operating a farm or rural business requires efficient use of resources and energy. Midland Solar Applications has been consistently successful in guiding farmers and rural business owners through the processes required to obtain grants, rebates, approval for net metering, interconnection to the grid, and assistance with any necessary permitting. MSA will assist committed clients with all REAP and interconnection applications, as well as design and install a quality solar PV system that will repay your investment for decades to come.

Because of recent funding announcements by the USDA for the rural energy program, REAP, a limited time opportunity exists to combine the REAP grant (25% of cost) with the Investment Tax Credit (30% of cost) and accelerated depreciation (50% first year and 12.5% the following four years) to make solar energy an excellent long-term investment for your agribusiness. The current application deadline for USDA REAP grants is March 31, 2017. These incentives all have limited life spans and the opportunity to combine them all together is limited. If you would like to give serious consideration to stabilizing and reducing your energy costs, contact us now while this amazing opportunity still exists.