12 most America's favorite drinks

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Time is unique. Restaurants and bars shut down. In March, spirits sales increased 75 percent. A growing trend in at-home cocktails may soon push liquor up this list.

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Value-added water

Electrolytes, oxygen, hydrogen, etc. Micronutrients are added to water for health. In particular, Americans with high sugar or micronutrient deficiencies rarely fall for these tricks.

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Energy drinks

All-nighters reach for caffeine-rich cans. Despite what you may think, many energy drinks contain sugar and unhealthy ingredients. Try The Best Energy Drinks For 2020 (And Which to Avoid).

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American adults enjoy wine regularly in small but passionate numbers. Maybe that's a good thing since wine can extend your life.

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Sports drinks

Sports drinks have more sugar than you need after a sweat session, good news that Americans work out a lot.

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Fruit beverage

Throughout the years, we've grown up drinking OJ with breakfast. Take a look at What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Orange Juice.

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American's love tea because of all the amazing benefits it offers every day.