5 Principles of Attaining Success

1. Positivity

Being positive is a habit. It’s a matter of choice. It doesn’t mean that one let goes of actions and wait for things to happen

 Positivity makes you proactive and sharpens your intellect. Being positive is not about false reassurance or vain affirmations, it is about action.

2. Patience

This is the most common roadblock on the journey to success. Patience is knowing that Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

 If you are serious about gaining body mass or losing weight, improving your skills at tennis or boosting your memory, you must not forego patience.

3. Persistence

When you are persistent, results certainly show through. And with positive results, it becomes easier to be motivated. 

The one who can patiently and consistently play one good shot after the other, staying persistent, will eventually win over the other opponent. 

4. Discipline

The primary difference between an elusive dream and a real goal is that the latter has discipline and action

he best way to follow any discipline is to ignore your heart. For example, you committed yourself to hit the gym four times a week

5. Visualization

This one is less shared by the successful people. When you are patient, persistent, positive and disciplined, 

Visualization can have amazing, if not miraculous, effect in keeping you motivated and helping you realize your goals.

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