5 Things You Should Never Let Slide In a Relationship.

Public humiliation.

Playful teasing is typical between romantic partners, but make sure you notice how far your significant other takes it.

Usually done by someone who wants to be seen by outsiders as "the good guy" in the relationship. Can erode attachment and the ability to work through issues in a healthy way.

Broken trust.

Your and your partner's trust in each other is important, so don't just try to look the other way if it falters.

Because it allows partners to feel safe and confident in each other." But when did it break down? "It can lead to feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and hurt, which make it difficult to move forward in the relationship,"

Ongoing jealously.

It is normal to feel jealous sometimes but there is a fine line between what is okay and what is not in a romantic relationship.

It's important to make sure your partner is keeping their jealousy under control, even at the beginning of the relationship. Jealousy can lead to controlling behavior."

Compromised values.

When your core values are being challenged, you should ignore them. "Although compromising is an important part of any relationship

In fact Tzal says it can be a major warning sign of trouble: A lack of compatibility signals deeper problems in the relationship, he warns. It is difficult to move forward in a relationship when each partner wants something different.

 lack of communication.

Many of us will often forgive our significant other's lack of communication, especially to other people.

But it's not something like "Lack of communication can't be left to slide because without communication things don't get resolved, and relationships can't grow or survive without healthy communication,"

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