5 Unique Traits Of Leo Virgos

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"Cusp" in astrology means being born between two pivotal points that involve two neighboring signs.

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Sun rulership in a natal chart or placement in Leo indicates someone who will discover their purpose in life.

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Their magnetic personalities make them popular. Natives born under this cusp are easy to steal the spotlight, even without intending to.

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Leos are generous and magnanimous. It is also possible for Virgos to be extremely selfless and dedicated to the people they care about. People born under this cusp are willing to help others.

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A native born on this cusp has both worlds at their fingertips.As Leos are very loyal and protective of the people they love. Friends can rely on them. Dedicated, romantic partners. 

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Leos and Virgos are both ambitious signs. Virgos, however, prefer to work behind the scenes. The top of their class or the top of the chain in their field satisfies them. 

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