7 Tips For Wearing Sneakers Over 65, According to Doctors 

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You'll want to prioritize being comfortable in your shoes. As you get older, your feet may become less flexible and more susceptible to injury." Look for sneakers made from breathable materials like mesh or leather. Do what will help keep your feet cool and dry.

Focus on fitness

When you're over 60, it's more important than ever that your shoes fit properly, to ensure the proper length you should measure half to a full thumbnail length from the end of your shoe to the longest toe. required.Choose shoes that are slightly larger than your actual size.

customize for your feet and body.

If your lower body posture is uneven. "This usually happens when one leg is longer than the other. It may help to adjust your sneaker to make up for the disparity in your height. If your sneakers feel a little stiff or uncomfortable, the extra cushioning Consider putting on a shoe for.

Take time to break sneakers in.

It's also important to wear new sneakers. This will help your shoes conform to the shape of your feet, making them more comfortable and preventing common injuries like blisters or calluses. One or two each day before long walks or runs. Start wearing them around the house for hours.

Know your shoes your fashion kicks.

Not all sneakers are the same. Running shoes, for example, can be as cushioned or snug as your needs, while cross-trainers can focus on keeping you balanced while you exercise. Slip-on footwear is the best of the times. Should be limited to short periods as the shoe is not 100 percent secure on the foot.

Consider your laces.

Avoid shoes with laces that can be difficult to tie and untie. Shoe laces can also pose a slipping hazard, which is especially dangerous as you age. In this case, suggest the leather sneaker."Perfect for effortless fashion at every age, these sneakers are a simple silhouette.

And don't forget about style!

Prioritizing supportive sneakers is important, but that doesn't mean you have to let style go completely out the window. Think luxe touches like cashmere and leather to offset the casualness of the sneaker. If you want a stylish sneaker that's a little more on the dressy side, try the on-trend Warren sneaker from Vince.

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