According to Astrologers, the Zodiac Sign of Generosity

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Some people are extraordinarily generous: They'll give you their shirt or a loan without hesitation.

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Libras are friendly, fair, and extroverted. They are uniquely generous. Libra will make time for her loved ones and the needy."

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Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and abundance, rules this sign. The generous nature of this water sign often manifests as compassion

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Despite its showmanship, Leo is a generous sign. Thomas believes this sign wants everyone around them to feel good, especially their loved ones, and will do everything in their power to achieve that.

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As the "mom" of the group, your Cancer friend is probably generous. Cancerians are compassionate and sensitive,"

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A Sagittarians appear aloof in times of need, but astrologers report they show up in a big way.

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According to Castiglione, Virgo rules over the Sixth House, which governs service, daily habits, and health.