California best and must visiting places

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Catalina Island

From Long Beach, you can take the Catalina Express 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles to get to this island paradise in an hour.

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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe lies roughly 40 miles outside of Reno on the California-Nevada border. Whatever the weather, there's plenty to do outside. 

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Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes might change your mind about skiing in the Golden State. Located in the Eastern Sierra region, Mammoth Lakes is home to the highest ski resort in California. 

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Yosemite National Park

Near San Francisco, this national park is one of the most popular. From fishing and birdwatching to rock climbing and rafting, Yosemite National Park offers every adventure activity you can imagine.

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Natural beauty and small-town charm make Monterey a favorite destination. There are beautiful beaches and charming seaside neighborhoods in Monterey, located about 40 miles south of Santa Cruz.

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Sequoia National Park

When in California, Sequoia National Park is the best place to see its iconic, towering sequoias. Sierra Nevada trees are native to central California's western slopes.

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San Diego

Warm weather and surf-friendly shorelines make San Diego a great vacation destination. USS Midway Museum, San Diego Zoo, and Balboa Park (many museums).