The Brunch You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries, the zodiac's leader, plans brunch. You're always up for new adventures. Bolder, spicier dishes are more likely to be ordered.Try chilaquiles during brunch with friends (aka breakfast nachos). A fried egg, beans, queso fresco, Mexican crema, and salsa top crispy tortilla chips, which you can season up.

Aries: Chilaquiles

Tauruses have exquisite taste. You like all of life's minor joys, so you don't limit your favourite things.Your brunch order needs the right ingredients to be flawless. You prefer French toast because you stick to the classics. This morning favourite is light, fluffy, and topped in maple syrup.

Taurus: French Toast

Brunch is your weekly routine, Geminis. You're the first to hear about new trends and eateries, and you love mimosas with friends. We suggest getting a fashionable avocado toast the next time you're out. This brunch classic is Instagram-friendly and customizable. This meal is crunchy, creamy, and adaptable.

Gemini: Avocado Toast

Cancers appreciate comfort food, therefore you often cook breakfast on weekends. Even the zodiac's homebody likes to go out occasionally. Brunch lets you order childhood favourites like creamy southern-style grits. This warm, buttery, nostalgic breakfast classic may become your new favourite.

Cancer: Southern-Style Grits

Leos have a busy social life. Brunch is a weekend must-do for your friend group's leader. You know the town's hottest spots before everyone else. Get a dish with bold flavours and an extravagant appearance, such beautiful crêpes with fresh whipped cream and seasonal fruit. After taking photos of the dinner, you might lick the plate!

Leo: Crêpes

Health-conscious Virgos don't have to eat boring food. You make careful daily decisions and stick to your timetables and routines. Brunch lets even a perfectionist like you try something new. Açaí bowls are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, and you may add as many crazy toppings as you want. Can't have everything?

Virgo: Açaí Bowl

Libras party life. Brunch is your time to shine. You're always searching for the best restaurant or latest cuisine. Gourmet food is your favourite, and you like your meals to be fancy. When in doubt, order a quiche. The creamy filling complements the crusty crust. Create a perfect bite with as many mix-ins as you desire.

Libra: Quiche

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