The Color You Should Be Wearing Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Red

Aries need a bold colour to show their passion and spontaneity. "This energetic, active, and brilliant sign wears red to enhance these traits," says Trusted Astrology founder. Red is "fame and reputation, which makes it the best suited for this fire sign to wear," according to international astrologer and best-selling spiritual author.

Taurus: Green

Tauruses resist change. "Pine green will not only help calm their minds and souls but also help them move towards growth and development." Taurus, an earth sign, will feel more at home in nature with this hue.

Gemini: Yellow

Geminis are outgoing and fun. Yellow suits their sunny disposition. They already spread positivity everywhere, and in yellow, they can visually do so.

Cancer: Sky Blue

Cancers enjoy comforting friends and family. This gentle sign is the zodiac's homebody, so "their calming presence would always be amplified if they're in the colour blue." A soothing pastel colour will calm them and others.

Leo: Orange

Wearing bright colours isn't just for Geminis. "Leos, the zodiac's bold and regal showmen, are always looking to make a statement. Ruled by the Sun, they can light up any room and inspire others. Orange evokes life's optimism and joy. It empowers them to face the world."

Virgo: Gray

Zodiac perfectionists can be intimidating. Berry says grey or silver calms them. Why? "Bombarded by too many stimuli," Gray can "bring balance" to their lives, she says. Since Virgos are type-A, grey is a neutral colour that goes with everything.

Libra: Light Pink

Libras seek balance and comfort in all situations. Their power clothing is muted pink. Berry says Libras prefer pink because it "symbolises love, joy, purity, happiness, romance, and brings calming and serenity to relationships." A romantic colour suits Libras, who fall in love easily.

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