The Mocktail You Should Drink, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Spicy Watermelon

This Watermelon Mint "agua fresca" will match your sweet side, but we recommend adding jalapeƱo for a surprising kick that will satisfy your spicy side. Peppermint adds a fresh note to help you stay energized and focused.

Taurus: Orange Chai Blossom

After boiling the tea bags and sugar and letting things cool, add your favorite tea syrup and lemon juice to a jug and store in the fridge. Serve over ice and finish with club soda and fennel pods.

Gemini: Whipped Lemonade

Whipped Lemonade Matches Your Light and Bubbly Personality There are many versions of this popular drink, but this recipe calls for just two simple ingredients (fresh lime juice and cream of coconut) and takes less than a minute to prepare. Takes less time.

Cancer: Triple Berry Sparkler

This triple-berry sparkler is extra special thanks to frozen berry ice cubes that add flavor as they melt into the drink. Prepare a pitcher of seltzer, lemon and lime juice, and honey in advance, and then simply add berry cubes when serving.

Leo: Shirley Ginger

Are you for a limelight-loving zodiac sign? Start by mixing ginger beer, club soda, and lime juice, then chill before pouring over ice and adding grenadine. Finish with a maraschino cherry for extra pizazz.

Virgo: Dry Cranberry Spritzer

It requires almost no preparation. If you're feeling fancy, finish your drink with a slice of orange or lemon as garnish. One last tip? Replace oranges with seasonal fruits throughout the year so your drink always tastes its best.

Libra: Pomegranate Tonic

This Pomegranate Tonic features a harmonious blend of sweet sugar and honey, tart lemon and rich pomegranate. The classy and stylish side of you will love the eye-catching pink-red presentation, while the easy-drinking flavor profile will have all your friends coming back for seconds.

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