The Most Common Reasons Why Couples Break Up

"Withdrawal is the most problematic for relationships," stated. When people feel attacked, they withdraw, which lowers relationship satisfaction.

You withdraw during arguments.

A partner's desire to make the relationship more serious, personal beliefs and values, the kind of lifestyle each person wants to live, and have children."

Big-picture decisions divide you.

When your partner doesn't measure up to something they didn't even sign up for, there is a tendency to try to change them, with no understanding that your own behaviour plays a huge role," "By focusing on your partner.

You hold your partner to unrealistic standards.

"Being afraid of being alone and accepting any relationship, no matter how unhealthy, is another common pattern that keeps relationships from working," "Set and enforce boundaries."

You're afraid of being alone.

"Where a conversation once existed, there is silence, an eye roll, or edgy energy emitting that becomes divisive if not ultimately crushing," say relationship experts in It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken.

Rely on body language to convey emotions.

Passive-aggressive comments or repeated sarcasm stand in the way of more gentle vulnerable moments in a marriage," licenced mental health counsellor and Counseling co-owner Rainey told Best Life.

Or sarcastic comments.

The worse your relationship, the better everyone else's. One never knows what happens behind closed doors. " Don't envy others' relationships. Water makes grass greener and no relationship is perfect.

You compare your relationship to everyone else's.

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