The Most Complex Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

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We're complex. Some people deceive others to get what they want. Others are moody and emotional. People who struggle with all of those things often can't even understand their own emotions. 


Leo's complexity comes from their desire to project confidence and power without the emotional strength to do so.


Geminis are complex due to their duality. First, indecision. They may cancel last-minute plans. Other behaviors are more concerning than their flakiness.


As a competitive fire sign, they have strong emotional aggression to succeed and conquer. Like the mythical Ram, their glyph symbol.


Because Pisces is last on the zodiac wheel, their personalities include traits from all signs. 


Cancer's feelings are like a deep well: "If something falls there, it may be next to impossible to find it."


If you're close to a Scorpio, you know they're one of the most complicated signs. Unlike straight-edge signs.

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