The Most Honest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

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Honesty is best. This may have been recited to you or your children. It's true, so the proverb has endured. 


Sophie Won, astrologer and CEO of the Reha app, says Pisces are the most compassionate sign and the worst liars.


Aries truly dislike lying. This reckless sign will send a blunt text that may hurt you without hesitation.


Capricorn has zero time for petty behaviors like spreading rumors or embellishing stories.


Libra's sign is the justice scale, so honesty is a big part of what they idealize in their perfectly balanced world.


Aquarians don't lie for peace. They're honest even if it hurts. Ask their opinion, and they'll lecture.


Cancers want their loved ones to trust them and turn to them in times of need, so they rarely keep secrets. 

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