The Most Incompatible Zodiac Signs, According to an Astrologer

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Aries: Capricorn

Aries is bold, sometimes brash. You don't need permission to be yourself; you're unstoppable. You like to get your way and can get angry when you don't. You need a more laid-back partner.You respect Capricorns' work ethic and loyalty, but you fight for relationship control.

Taurus: Libra

You're confident in your skills and don't need to prove yourself. Tauruses like taking their time to get things right. You value loyalty and dependability in others. You want a partner who can enjoy life's little moment.You're romantically attracted to Libra, but you don't communicate. 

Gemini: Virgo

Geminis are flirtatious and social. You keep your dating life light and breezy. You want a best friend who makes everything easy and fun. Your favourite relationships make you laugh until you cry and let you say anything without judgement.That's why you and Virgo won't last. Virgo plans meticulously.

Cancer: Aquarius

Cancer wants a lifetime romance. To feel loved, you need lots of words and small gifts. Water signs are emotional and need a partner who is too. You need affection when you're in love.Aquarius' generosity and loyalty attract Cancers. But connecting emotionally with this aloof air sign is difficult.

Leo: Taurus

Leo seeks passionate love. You like leading relationships. You speak from the heart and are loyal, but your fiery spirit can make you impulsive or angry. You need a partner who can be vulnerable and let you lead.Taurus' romantic and flirtatious nature attracts you.

Virgo: Sagittarius

Perfectionist Virgo knows that love is in the details. Love notes and chocolates don't last. You're willing to work hard for a relationship and expect your partner to do the same. Your ideal partner is as ambitious and thoughtful as you are and will notice the little things that make you special.Your lifestyles are incompatible, but you and Sagittarius will laugh together

Libra: Cancer

Libras have high love expectations as one of the zodiac's most romantic signs. Be with someone who keeps their word. You also like to relax. While you're not afraid to express your emotions, you can't handle a moody or jealous partner.

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