The Most Vulnerable Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

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Some call vulnerability emotional weakness, but others see it as strength. Showing your true colors takes courage, and more confident people take the social risk.


Virgo as perfectionists need structure and routine. This inconsistency makes the sign vulnerable when life plans change.


This fiery sign craves attention but fights independence, which can lead to bad decisions and impulsive behavior. 


Fierce Leo naturally leads. They're full of creative ideas and crave the spotlight. "They feel insecure and deeply vulnerable. 


Scorpios are emotional, but they work hard to hide their vulnerability. However, these are simply the emotional walls they build around themselves for protection.


Pisces is a dreamer. They're likely to take in strays or help strangers, which can lead to abuse.


The most sensitive zodiac sign is no surprise. "Ruled by the mysterious and changeable Moon.

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