The Sandwich You Should Make Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Breakfast Sandwich

Aries, you hustle. Fire signs are natural leaders. Mars, the planet of activity, drives you to get things done early. The ideal sandwich is satisfying, tasty, and portable (you're busy!). A classic breakfast sandwich will fuel you for the day.

Taurus: French Dip

You're a laid-back earth sign. You have better food flavour. Venus, the planet of sensuality and pleasure, rules your sign. Like you, Taurus, a French dip sandwich is tasty and elegant.

Gemini: Tea Sandwiches

You're talkative, charming, and never stop. Air signs are curious and continuously seeking new experiences.Tea sandwiches make a filling meal that won't slow you down. If you become bored, these tasty finger meals are portable and come in a variety of flavours.

Cancer: Grilled Cheese

Cancer, you're sentimental and love comfort foods. You deserve a sandwich that warms you like you warm others. A nostalgic and delicious grilled cheese with tomato soup is the best way to feel like you're at home. Just get beneath the covers and watch your favourite movie.

Leo: Croque-Madame

Leo, you shine. Life is loud. As a Leo, you'll likely be drawn to bold people, places, and experiences. You require an elegant sandwich as one of the zodiac's most expressive and wealthy signs. Like you, Leo, the spicy Croque-Madame will turn heads.

Virgo: Sandwich Wrap

Virgos are perfectionists. You're also trustworthy and compassionate. You're a reliable friend. Wraps are reliable and structured. Your favourite sandwich in a wrap. You deserve it.

Libra: Muffuletta

Air signs seek balance and symmetry. You don't indulge to brag—you want to enjoy it. Libra, ruled by Venus, appreciates finer goods more than others. That applies to your favourite foods, too. You want traditional yet unique, wonderful yet unexpected. A muffuletta is a classic dish with savoury and rich flavours.

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