The Soup You Should Have, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Hot and Sour Soup

Aries is known for being fiery. You're fiery, determined, and unafraid to stand out. You're successful because you're determined to get everything done. Hot and sour soup is spicy like you. This soup will give you energy all day (or night) with your choice of protein and lots of fresh veggies.

Taurus: Butternut Squash Soup

Tauruses value reliability over quantity. Since you love luxury, less is more—if it's exactly what you want. You don't fear slow-cooking soup. Since you're a foodie, you'll do anything to make the dish perfect. Autumn's roasted butternut squash soup uses simple ingredients to maximise flavour.

Gemini: Egg Drop Soup

The zodiac's chatty socialite, you're more than that. You're smart and learn quickly. Your hobbies, friends, job, relationship, and side hustle leave you little time to plan elaborate meals. Egg drop soup is quick to make and delicious. It makes great leftovers.

Cancer: Chicken Noodle Soup

Cancer is most sentimental. You're always there for others. As a sensitive person, you comfort your loved ones. Self-care is essential. So next time you're sick or just need a comforting meal, make your family's chicken noodle soup. Delicious doesn't require fancy.

Leo: Lobster Bisque

Leos exude confidence. You're always the centre of attention—at work, with friends, or meeting new people. Your humour and warmth attract people. You're used to enjoying life's pleasures, including soup. Lobster bisque is rich and creamy. Its delicious crema and lobster meat will leave you satisfied and spoiled.

Virgo: Tortellini Soup

Earth signs like Virgos are practical and straightforward. You stick to your favourites. You prefer simplicity and focusing on what matters, like a healthy diet and exercise routine. Your soup must have lots of fresh vegetables because you love healthy food. You're not restricting yourself either! Greens, pasta, and cream make chicken tortellini soup perfect.

Libra: Italian Soup

Libras are charming, tactful, and easygoing. As the sign of scales and balance, you know that friendships and partnerships are as important as skills to success. Italian Wedding Soup is a fitting gift for the symbol of love, but its name also refers to its harmonious flavours. Its hearty, fresh ingredients will warm your day.

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