The Type of Restaurant You Should Go to, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Mexican Restaurant

Aries, you're known for your zest. You're adventurous and outspoken. When you go out, you want a tasty lunch and a vibrant restaurant. Mexican restaurant tacos and fiery margaritas are perfect for this vibe.

Taurus: Brunch Spot

Taurus loves eating. The zodiac's self-taught chef has refined tastes. You love trying new eateries and aren't a food snob. Breakfast is your favourite since you adore comfort food. Try that new brunch location next time you need a meal recommendation.

Gemini: Tapas Bar

Gemini, you enjoy socialising. Your social calendar is usually full from morning to night. You like late-night, group-friendly restaurants because you're always moving. Tapas bars let you try numerous tiny servings and speak between bites. Variety also relieves your indecision.

Cancer: Mediterranean Restaurant

Cancers are homebodies, yet an intimate dinner with friends or a particular someone recharges your vitality. Your ideal meal is comforting but rare. Mediterranean food includes spaghetti, pita, cheese, fish, and olives.

Leo: Hibachi Grill

Leo, you're dramatic. Your extravagant and flamboyant energy can take over, making you the focus of attention. You'll have the nicest time at your local hibachi grill because it has great food and lots to speak about. The chef's live cooking will be the centrepiece of your evening and your social media feed.

Virgo: Italian Restaurant

You're not a perfectionist or a picky person—you just know what you want! You prefer simple meals. You like flavour over quantity. Italian food's simple ingredients and classic flavours are wonderful. At any Italian restaurant, you'll find your favourite dish.

Libra: Dim Sum Restaurant

Libra, you enjoy eating. You try new foods for balance and variety. You've probably eaten at all of these eateries. Dim sum is our top pick for a go-to restaurant. This Chinese restaurant serves sweet, sour, salty, and spicy food, so you'll never get bored.

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