Which nail polish should you use based on your zodiac sign?

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Aries: Ruby Red Polish

You're always on the go, so best for you. A sassy and colorful dash of ruby-red polish will let you indulge in your fun, playful behavior. Furthermore, red is the color of your power.

Taurus:French Manicure

Taurus are loyal and reliable. You like things that are classic and always in style. The classic French manicure with a glossy finish comes to mind for Taurus: it's simple and effortless, but also timeless and beautiful.

Gemini: Rainbow

Gemini's are quick-witted and friendly. When it comes to beauty and fashion, you want a nail polish color that pops. Why not try a vibrant multicolored polish that reflects the many colorful sides of your personality.

Cancer: Opalescent Pearl

You like things that make you feel comfortable and familiar. So, you can be the first to bring back the most popular nail polish colors of the past, like a sweet and sophisticated opalescent shade of pearl that will help you show off your softness. Does

Leo: Custom Ombre

Leo, you're known for your striking looks, so you need nail polish. As a zodiac sign ruled by the Sun, you're most drawn to warm colors and rich, deep hues. Nail polish that brings out your natural glamor and charm.

Virgo: Pretty in Pink

Virgo, you are known for your straight-forward and down-to-earth approach to life. You like to show-off without being too ostentatious. So, a simple blush pink nail polish or a classic nude nail is perfect for Virgo. Kind of works.

Libra: Embellished French Manicure

Libra If there's one nail polish style available, you've probably already tried it once or twice, the ideal nail polish style for a Libra would be bubbly and bold. It's classic, stylish, and still has that Hollywood vibe. Have an element of glam that you love.

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