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Viral video: Lainey Wilson admits some celebrities slipped in DMs

    Lainey Wilson appeared on The Bobby Bones Show today (March 31) to discuss life on the road, her acting experience, and the major on-screen kissing scene. She also addresses some awkward questions from listeners and reveals whether a celebrity has ever slipped into her DMs.

    Wilson made her acting début in Season 5 of Yellowstone as Abby, a musician. She enjoyed her time on the show because it was a challenge for her and an opportunity for her to step outside of her comfort zone. She said after watching the season that there were a few things she wished she had done differently because she had no clue what she was doing at first. She discovered that not memorising her lines verbatim worked best for her because she required the scenes to feel more like a conversation. She likened her big kiss scene to “ripping the Band-Aid off,” and she said she had to lay down the law with the actor and tell him what he owed her.

    Wilson has had a fantastic year so far, and it is only getting started. Her single “Heart Like A Truck” is on its way to becoming the country’s number one song, her duet with HARDY “Wait In The Truck” is in the top five, and she is presently on Luke Combs’ World Tour. She said it’s been a whirlwind and that she can’t believe she went from attempting to get people to listen to her just a few years ago to now being one of the country’s biggest stars. Wilson will have been in Nashville for 12 years on August 1st. When she first arrived in town, she lived in a camper trailer outside a recording studio and played concerts to make ends meet. She stated that she feels as if she has been here eternally.

    But she also appears to have arrived just yesterday. It’s been a wild ride to get to where she is now, but she wouldn’t alter a thing. She realises it sounds crazy, but she could always see herself as successful. She knew she wanted to be a part of the community, and she knew that country music and songwriting would always be a part of her existence. When asked if she listens to her own music, she said yes and that she has to, particularly after receiving the tracks back. “If you’re not a fan of yourself, no one else will be,” she said.

    Her current song, “Heart Like A Truck,” has become a huge hit, but she wasn’t sure if it would be a single at first. All she knew after writing and recording it was that she adored it and wanted it to be on her record because she had a good feeling about it. She wrote the tune during the pandemic and stated that it served a purpose for her at the time. It became an anthem for when things were still uncertain and she didn’t know if performances would ever return. When she was feeling down, she’d listen to the demo, and it would inspire her to keep her head up in difficult circumstances.

    Wilson is currently working on another hit tune. Her duet “wait in the truck” with HARDY is currently in the Top Ten and has helped her create history! She is the first female country performer in over a decade to have two songs in the Top 10 at the same time. When HARDY sent her the song, she knew she had to be a part of it even if the radio never played it because the words could make someone feel less alone. She had no idea it was going to be a single until she agreed to be on it; she was just praying the song would speak to whoever needed to hear it.

    Wilson has become a household name not only for her music and Yellowstone role, but also for her butt getting viral on TikTok. She claimed that after seeing the videos, some renowned rappers slid into her DMs. But if you believe she started the campaign about her buttocks as a public relations stunt, you’re dead wrong. She said it was strange, but whatever draws folks in. Congratulations if they discovered her songs via her butt. Her favourite comments were from individuals who said they came for her butt but stayed for the music. Wilson is presently on Combs’ World Tour and will be performing with Eric Church this summer before embarking on HARDY’s Mockingbird & THE CROW Fall Tour.