10 Canine Winter Activities in 2023


My favourite winter activity is baking in the kitchen on a cold day. Since our dogs can't lick the brownie batter spoon, making them dog-safe treats is better.

1. Bake Homemade Treats

Making an effort to avoid the couch for a few months? Good! Wearing layers will benefit both you and your dog. This year, take the family outside and try something new.

2. Attempt a New Outdoor Activity

Train your dog's keen nose with scents. When compared to sports that require equipment, nose work is simpler to try.

3. Teach Your Dog Nosework

Playing in the snow makes me miss my younger years. Play in the snow like a kid with your dog! They'd have more fun with you because they're racing around and excited to see this amazing white material.

4. Run, dig, and play in the snow.

My family developed a puzzle addiction during the chilly Midwest winters. It's more mentally challenging than binge-watching Netflix, and it feels great to put the final piece in place. Unmatched.

1. Bake 5. Do a PuzzleTreats

Remember to pack dog treats, toys, and jerseys. The best Super Bowl party throwing tips are provided below.

6. Have a Super Bowl Paw-ty

When it's cold outside and you don't want to bundle up, craft. This DIY dog toy can be made in three easy steps using supplies you most likely already own.

7. Get Crafty

Despite the fact that our dogs hate them, dog boots are useful in both hot and cold climates. These safeguard canines in the winter from frostbite and ice melt.

8. Accustom Your Dog to Boots

For snowy yards, indoor agility courses are fantastic. Agility training is entertaining to observe, challenges your dog physically and mentally, and deepens your relationship.

9. Create an Indoor Agility Course

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