10 human body facts you need to know

By Vasantha

Human body reactions or changes are undoubtedly mystical. A 10-watt bulb can be lit by 80 percent of your brain. Every three to four days, your stomach changes its lining. Here are some surprising facts about the human body

You may be surprised to learn that your pet also sheds. Every hour, human skin sheds 600,000 particles! As a result, your skin sheds dead cells.

Your skin sheds!

Up to 50,000 fragrances can be remembered by our nose, even if it is not as powerful as a dog's.

The power of smell

You have about 32 million bacteria on your face no matter how often you wash it. It's okay, they're harmless.

Is your skin clear?

Baby bones have 350, but with age they fuse together. There are only 206 bones in the human body.

Count your bones again

A lack of sleep can kill you after several weeks. An eleven-day sleepless period is deadly. Next time when someone says they're dying for a sound sleep, they could mean it.

Sleeping is important

Our stomach lining changes every three to four days. The renewed stomach walls allow us to digest even strong acids.

Stomach lining replaces itself

We sweat which makes our feet smell. We have 50,000 sweat glands on our feet!

Tired of those smelly feet?

Human sneezes carry about 100 miles of air per hour. We cover our eyes when sneezing, otherwise this speed would pop them out.

Sneeze carefully

It's true. Humans produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools over their lifetime.

Your saliva can fill 53 bathtubs!

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