11 Arguments in Favor of Dogs


Whether they are running around the house or playing in the park, puppies at play are pure joy.

1. They Provide Endless Entertainment.

Dogs make the best companions. Who among your friends is always clamouring to follow your example? If your friend is not a dog,

2. They Are Great Company, No Matter What You’re Doing.

It's wonderful to have a furry friend who greets you with a wagging tail. Do you realise how much stress dogs relieve?

3. They Lower Our Stress Levels.

Dogs have helped us hunt, herd, and get where we need to go as we and other humans have evolved together.

4. They Make Exceptional Coworkers.

According to a recent survey, dog owners who slept next to their pets experienced fewer issues than cat owners.

5. They Help Us Sleep Better.

Because dogs and humans have been companions for so long, the bond between pet owners and their animals is strong.

6. Their Loyalty Knows No Bounds.

Since the beginning of time, humans have kept dogs as pets. It's possible that wolves were domesticated by Paleolithic humans 15,000 years ago.

7. They’re the Original BFF.

Dogs enhance exercise and sleep. A UK survey found that dog owners walk 200 more minutes per week than non-dog owners.

8. They Keep Us Active and Healthy.

Owners of dogs exercise more, which extends their lifespan. According to research, dogs are also very good for your mental and emotional health.

9. They Help Humans Live Longer, Happier Lives.

Your dog doesn't mind if you didn't wash the dishes or lower the toilet seat. He will always love you, flaws and all.

10. They Teach Us How to Love Unconditionally.

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