Leos are as trustworthy as they come. Once they've decided to support you, they won't leave. They make for tremendously inspiring and practical friends.

1. Loyal to a fault

Leos have strong, confident personalities. If they like you, they won't try to disguise their feelings, therefore they could occasionally come off as a little too pushy.

2. Confident and Straightforward

Leos take pleasure in being in love and are not afraid to show it. Leos will do everything it takes to ensure that you have a great time. They are renowned for their chauvinistic pride and flamboyance.

3. Born Romantics

Leos are a self-centered group who seldom ever miss an opportunity to boast about their wonderful abilities! They consequently develop actual drama addictions.

4. Suckers for Drama

Leos are known for having high ambition and a strong desire for leadership roles. When dating, they look for partners who will help and support them as they pursue their objectives without stifling them.

5. Ambitious and Competitive

Leos are capable leaders and free-thinking individuals. This quality is also present in their relationships. They love to take charge and hate being told what to do.

6. Natural Leaders

Leos are notoriously intense attention seekers and frequently demand approval. They love being in the spotlight and see themselves as celebrities. They could have a strong sense of entitlement and be very egotistical.

7. Attention Seekers

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