12 GREEDY Zodiac signs

By Vasantha

Zodiac sign of materialism and greed. They place a great deal of importance on their social status.


Luxury is within reach for this star sign. They can be tempted by anything alluring.


Cancerians purchase only the things they need. For their friends and family, they will be as cheap as possible. They like to buy things for their home.


Spending on yourself is always a priority for Taurus people. They will also use your unlimited credit card. In case of financial difficulty, they will be able to assist you.


Mood plays a big role in their behavior. When they aren't in the mood, they won't ask you about the whole world. In some cases, it's best to ask them directly.


They can ease your tough times. This is often a manifestation of their generosity.


Scorpions can also be generous with money. Financial problems will make them disappear. Crisises annoy them.


Librans are quite generous, but they are also quite manipulative. Become their sponsor and you can receive an expensive gift. They have difficulty asking for money.


Geminis are practical and generous. Investing is their expertise. Therefore, Aries people will help you out of your money problems only if they believe you can benefit them.


Luxury is important to Leos. The spotlight always means expensive gifts. Cheer them up, and they'll invest. Everything they want is theirs.  


There is nothing more generous than an Aquarian. Their only concern is their happiness. Those born under this sign are very caring and attentive.


Generosity is a zodiac sign. They will always help and feed the needy in order to make them smile. Helping others always pays off for Sagittarians.


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