12 Intuitive And Dumb Zodiac Signs

By Vasantha

Scorpios are considered to be the smartest and most intelligent people in 2023. They can't be fooled by Scorpios.


Aquarians are also known for their broad-mindedness and acceptance of ideas from other sources. In addition, they possess a strange and fascinating perspective on the world that makes them stand out.


A Virgo takes interest in everything, even useless stuff. They are unique in this way. A Virgo will simply create their own answer to a problem if there's no solution or the answer is hard to find.


Geminis think fast and acquire and disseminate information well. They're always up to something funny and efficient. An intelligent person also has a great sense of humour.


Capricorns make smart decisions due to their highly structured and precise thinking. Before beginning a task or project, they consider all consequences.


Intuitive and creative Pisces tend to get caught up in their own fantasies sometimes.


Rejection is way too personal for Taurus. These people are self-centered and foolish. This quality can sometimes make them smart or dumb.


Even when they are wrong, Leos try to prove themselves right. These zodiac signs tend to be serious and silly at the same time.


Librans are more manipulative than intelligent. This sign wants everything to be perfect and fair. However, they judge people very well and gain benefits even from the worst situations.


Aries can be smart and dumb. It is often said that Aries people are innocent and cute. People like these don't take things too seriously.


Sagittarians tend to be selfish, which sometimes makes them terrible. They are selfish, self-centred and egocentric. They lack the ability to make decisions and stand for themselves.


Hypersensitive Cancerians are sometimes referred to as the worst people. Cry babies who lack intelligence and smartness sometimes.


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