7 most selfish zodiac signs

By Vasantha

Relationships with selfish people aren't easy. If it ensures their own security, they won't hesitate to push you off the ledge.

Star signs cannot handle criticism because they are firm believers in the concept that nothing could be as marvellous as them. A controlled friend or lover is what they seek

1. Taurus

Scorpios cannot be in a relationship they don't control. Everyone in their life owes them something. Scorpios are selfish and narcissistic, but if they are loved, their narcissism can be tolerated. 

2. Scorpio

Aquarians are known for their selfishness. Star signs themselves deny it. No one can bind them, they think.

3. Aquarius

Nobody, not even Aries, is surprised that they made this list. Everything a star sign does, they do for their own enjoyment. Even Aries' loved ones have grown accustomed to being screwed over by them.

4. Aries

Attention is vital to Leos. They don't want anyone to share the spotlight with them at all times. It cares only about establishing itself as a leader and is extremely conceited.

5. Leo

Since Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac, it's easy to forget how selfish they are. Funny anecdotes and witty humour are just ploys to hide egotism.

6. Gemini

 I'm sure anyone would be. The zodiac seems so easygoing. They have so much fun hanging out with each other that everyone ignores their obvious flaws. Insane sags.

7. Sagittarius

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