Astrology's Most Popular Zodiac Signs


Taurus believes they are always correct and never make mistakes. If they consider themselves to be demi-gods on Earth, they must be correct.

1. Taurus

Scorpios want complete control over all of their relationships. They believe they owe something to everyone in their lives.

2. Scorpio

Anyone who has interacted with an Aquarius will attest to the sign's egotism. The star sign, on the other hand, strongly disagrees.

3. Aquarius

Nobody, not even an Aries, is surprised that they are on this list. The person born under this sign is fully aware that everything they do is solely for their own enjoyment.

4. Aries

Leos enjoy receiving compliments. They would rather have all of the attention focused on them than share it.

5. Leo

Because Geminis are the social butterflies of the twelve horoscopes, it is easy to overlook how egocentric the zodiac is.

6. Gemini

Are you surprised that Sag is one of the egocentric Zodiac signs? One could be anyone. After all, the zodiac appears to be very relaxed.

7. Sagittarius

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