A "Game-changing" medication that promotes weight loss without dieting is in development.

BY  Rizwana

Initial tests on a potential pharmaceutical reveal that it can both prevent weight gain and encourage weight loss.

Putting researchers one step closer to creating a treatment that might one day compete with Ozempic.

The celebrity-hyped weight loss supplement. Researchers at the.

University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio put the.

Game changing" medicine, CPACC, to the test on mice. Madesh Muniswamy, a professor of.

Medicine, led the team of researchers who found the treatment reduced weight gain from foods heavy in sugar and fat.

which are common in the Western diet. Theoretically, people could eat whatever they wanted without the increased health hazards and weight gain.

which seems like fantastic news for anyone with a sweet craving. The National Institutes of Health report that 1 in 3 Americans are overweight at the moment. an example of.

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