By Vasantha

A step-by-step guide for creating checkered nails

Image Credit : Pinterest

Step 1: Choose Your Colors

Choosing colors is the first step. Whether it's for a season or a holiday, you can choose your two favorite colors.

Color contrast is important. A similar color scheme won't look as striking. For checkerboard nail designs, choose a darker and lighter color. Any color goes well with white.

Step 2: Prepare Your Nails

Preparing your nails first will ensure the best results from your DIY manicure. Use a nail clipper and/or file to shape your nails to your preferred shape.

Step 3: Apply a Base Coat

Clear base coats protect your nails from colored polish pigments. Base coats are especially important when using darker nail polishes. Nails shouldn't be permanently dyed!

You can also extend the life of your nail art with a base coat.

Step 4: Paint the Left Side of Your Nails

Paint each nail with a straight nail polish brush using one of the colors you’ve chosen for your checkerboard

Step 5: Paint the Right Side of Your Nails

Apply the other checkerboard color to the right side of each nail.

Make sure both sides of every nail are painted in contrasting colors. When your nails are still sticky, resist the temptation to move on. Rushing doesn't make sense.

Step 6: Create Squares

On each nail, paint a square with the nail polish color from Step 5 over the color from Step 4. 

Once the first round of squares has dried, reverse it. Over the color from Step 5, paint a square with the shade from Step 4. You're done! 

Step 7: Apply a top coat

Your manicure is sealed with a top coat once the squares are dry. Similarly to clear base coats, clear top coats protect and extend the life of manicures. Shinier nails too!

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