Andrew Wiggins' girlfriend addresses rumors she cheated on him with his best friend

By Vasantha

Andrew Wiggins' rumor is getting everyone's attention for good reason. The internet even begged Paul Pierce to debunk the rumor. Warriors star, if true, would be devastated.

What is the rumor? The Warriors haven't played Andrew Wiggins lately. The only reason given is that he is unavailable. When he's injured, they always explain why. 

Wiggins, not so much. Naturally, people began digging and were disappointed.

Since the NBA star's university days, Andrew Wiggins has been dating Mychal Johnson, they have two daughters together. Youngest was born in 2021, eldest in 2018. 

During Valentine's Day, Andrew Wiggins found out he was being cheated on by his best friend, rumors spread like wildfire. There is more to the rumors than that. 

This player has been raising his best friend's children for years, according to a TikTok account.

These rumors have already flooded the internet without confirmation. Warriors player spoke anonymously about star's absence. It's 'real shit' for Wiggins. That's all.

As a response to these rumors, Mychal Johnson herself tweeted, "The internet is a sick place. Literally the furthest thing from the truth. 

It's sad y'all even doing this." People are curious about what happened, but it's not our business. We hope Wiggins finds peace and solace soon.

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