Astrologers' 4 Flirtatious Zodiac Signs

By Vasantha

Some people are capable of making everything they say sound just a little bit flirtatious, while others remain reserved.

Aries can be flirty without realizing it, says Marion Williamson. It's true for Aquarius. Flirting is just friendly behavior."


Signs of Sagittarius are notorious for flirting shamelessly because they love freedom. Williamson says Sagittarius' flirting isn't subtle.


"Leo craves love and attention like a fire, and flirting lets them feel at the center of other people's worlds,"


They are famous flirts because of their passion and spontaneity. It's hard for Aries to hold back their intense passion."


Gemini's flirtatious nature can make them seem flirtatious. There is no guarantee that they are interested. Maybe they're just having a little fun.


Libra is a flirtatious sign. Relationships with Libras tend to be direct. As a result, they flirt.


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