Bobby Wagner reportedly decides to sign as a free agent.


Bobby Wagner, a former linebacker with the Seattle Seahawks, will play for his former team in 2023.

The value of his one-year contract is $7 million, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Bobby Wagner Accepts Seattle Seahawks' Offer of a One-Year Contract (Sports Illustrated)

Wagner played in Seattle for the first ten seasons of his NFL career, earning nominations to eight Pro Bowls and six All-Pro games.

After the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl in 2022, he left his longstanding team to join them, albeit only for a single season.

In order to free up salary space for the 2023 season, the Rams waived Wagner after the first year of his five-year deal in Los Angeles

The Seahawks, Wagner's former team, made a postseason push this past season, despite the fact that the 32-year-old left Seattle to pursue a championship in Los Angeles.

The Rams went 5-12 and missed the playoffs despite the veteran linebacker having a typically strong season.

In his one season with the Rams, Wagner—a Seattle Seahawks second-round pick—made 140 tackles, 6.0 sacks, and two interceptions.

Wagner is a Seattle Seahawks fan favorite, so the team's supporters will no doubt be happy to see him return.

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