Boosie's son is arrested after Charleston White calls police and tells the FBI that Boosie has killed 6 people.

By Vasantha

It's time to end our speculations.

Lil Boosie's son Tootie Raww was arrested by Charleston White, according to reports.

 Put an end to this silly stuff. Tootie Raww is 19 years old and Charleston White is about 50 years old. 

He looks like he's 55! Social media has been the scene of an ongoing argument between these two grown men for quite some time now. 

White is threatened by Tootie. As a result of their mutual attendance at SXSW, the Austin Police were notified. SXSW was attended by both.

There were drugs and guns in Tootie Raww's possession, he said.

The APD took everything CW said as gospel when it arrested Boosie's son.

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