Cameron Diaz retires from acting after over $7 billion in box office revenue

By zaid   22-3-23

2018 saw the announcement of Cameron Diaz's resignation from the film industry after more than two decades of commitment.

After her 2014 comedy-debut, drama's the actress made the decision to take a vacation. While completing numerous works,

she welcomed Raddix Madden, her daughter. Four years later, Jamie Foxx and the woman from The Counse lor announced their reunion in the action comedy Back in Action.

It appears, though, that the cast member of The Holiday is now second-guessing her choice.

According to sources who have spoken out recently, Diaz is not loving being away from her husband and their three-year-old daughter and is preparing to say farewell after her upcoming movie.

Back in Action, Cameron Diaz's Hollywood comeback film A "Nightmare," according to co-star Jamie Foxx, who fired senior producers and accused crew members of stealing $40,000.

Cameron Diaz's final picture could be the upcoming action comedy Back in Action.

The actress wants to spend more time with her loved ones.

The actress, who was on her way back to Hollywood after declaring her retirement in 2018, appears to be done with the motion picture business.

According to earlier rumours, her comeback project encountered unique difficulties as her co-star, Jamie Foxx, experienced a "meltdown" on the set.

Her time away from her daughter and husband, however, does not seem to be enjoyable to her. The 50-year-old actress does not like the "drama and confrontation" on movie sets.

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