By Vasantha

Check out these 8 nail designs for 2023

Image Credit : Pinterest

Aura Nails

You can pick the color of your aura, like a mood ring, instead of changing colors. Heart chakras symbolize pink.

Nail Freckles

It was created by @nailsbymei and is called "nail beauty mark." We're obsessed. Nails Inc. nail markers make dot design easy.

Glitter Bomb

Glitter is never too much. For extra dimension, try Ella + Mila's Party in a Bottle.

Mermaid Vibes

We've seen under-the-sea looks on the red carpet. Non-toxic, micro-shimmer daydreaming nail polish from Zoya is DIY-friendly.

Cheery Cherries

French and cherry go well together.  

Velvet Tips 

During the holidays, velvet nails took over Instagram. Keep the glitz to the tips to tone down the mesmerizing style.

Checkerboard Nails 

There's no escaping colorful checkerboard in fashion, so it makes sense it's now migrated to nails. This ups the quirky factor.

French Manicure 

There are tons of ways to wear the French mani. For more inspiration, check out our French manicure guide.

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