Chicago firefighter arrested for allegedly pimping prostitutes

By Vasantha

Reports say a Chicago firefighter allegedly promoted prostitution on the north side of the city from his apartment.

According to FOX 32 in Chicago, the internal affairs division of the Chicago Fire Department began investigating 37-year-old Brendan Kennedy-Gasior in 2020.

The messages were sent out of Kennedy-Gasior's apartment on Bryn Mawr Avenue in Chicago's northside.

According to the arrest report, Kennedy-Gasior instructed a 23-year-old woman from Denver to charge men for erotic massages, as well as offer sexual favors.

According to police, Kennedy-Gasior instructed the woman to charge $150 for a half-hour session and $200 for a full hour, and he would receive half the money or $50 per customer.

Kennedy-Gasior received half of the $400 the victim gained from performing sexual acts on clients during the 40-50 sessions she participated in.

Kennedy-Gasior was present in all sessions, police said. Kennedy-Gasior was arrested after Internal Affairs conducted the investigation.

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