By Nazia

Everyone can benefit from elaborate manicures.

Image Credit : Pinterest

Bedazzled Gemstones Miki Higuchi uses Kiss Nail Glue and glue dryer spray to create bedazzled nails.

Marbleized metallic nails are unique and funky, created using a makeup sponge and a small paintbrush.

Ombré tips with a rainbow of metallic colors make them less bridal.

Two-Toned Tips can help make nails look longer without acrylics.

Sweet Strawberries Amber Green's manicure evokes spring and summer, Ella+Mila's nail polish in Brave is great option.

Far-From-Typical French Mei Kawajiri's black-and-neon design redefines the French manicure.

Bowie Lightning Bolts are a tribute to David Bowie's legacy.

Wear a geometric half-moon manicure any time of year to get compliments.

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