By Nazia


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Prep nails thoroughly to ensure adhesion and long-lasting wear. Apply a thin coat of Step 1 Bond and allow it to dry.

Apply Base & Finish powder to fingernail without touching cuticles.

Use a fluffy brush to sweep away extra powder after tapping loose powder off with a finger.

Switch brushes between Brush Softener for easy cleaning and workability.

Clean cuticle edges with a pointed tool and brush.

A small amount of Gold Flakes Powder should be carefully added to a shallow container.

Sealer should be applied evenly over the entire nail. Gold Flake pieces can be picked up with a toothpick and placed delicately on the nail.

Use your finger to tap off any loose powder, and then a fluffy brush to sweep away any extra.

After applying  Activator to the entire nail, wait a short while for the dip blend to set.

PRO HINT: You might need to extend your dry time if you reside in a humid environment.

To achieve the desired nail shape and smoothness, file and buff the nails.

Wash hands or use alcohol-saturated wipe to clean nails.

After covering the entire nail with  Activator, let the polish dry completely.

With foil flake accents, matte dip nails are given a metallic lift. A simple DIY dip powder manicure!

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