Jeopardy! Viewers deemed 'petty' for voting for the show over rival

By Vasantha

JEOPARDY! This wildly popular trivia show is slamming a rival. Contest participants were asked to choose their favorite fandoms. 

Jeopardy! posted on Instagram asked fans to vote "in their Pluto TV Fandom bracket." Vanna White and Pat Sajak hosted Wheel of Fortune in the first round.

My understanding was that he was demonstrating authority. It was petrifying, but thankfully it didn't escalate."

"Voting for Jeopardy!" was written on a board next to Vanna. Comments criticized Jeopardy! Putting "shade" on the competition.

Jeopardy! is going head-to-head with Wheel of Fortune in the bracket, so this is petty," one commenter wrote. An emoji of a side-eying was added.

Three critics called it "savage." Fourth, a Wheel of Fortune fan wrote: "Jeopardy Would Be Nothing Without You."."

Jeopardy! The BBC's Top Gear is competing against it in the second round. 

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