1. Cleanser made with oil A water-based cleanser won't completely get rid of all the oil-based impurities on your skin.

2. A water-based cleaner It typically comes in the form of a foamy liquid (or bar) that cleans up any sweat and dirt that the oil cleanser left behind.

3. Exfoliant They consist of products like pads, cleansers, and peels. Dead skin cells and buildup are removed with the help of these products. begin gradually and use it sparingly.

4. Toner In order to help restore balance and moisture to the skin, the pH of your skin may be off and needs to be brought back to an acidic level.

5. Essences:  Essences are designed to moisturize and protect skin and are made with fermented components.

6. Therapy commonly referred to as serum. They have ingredients that were specifically created to address issues like acne or wrinkles.

7. A face mask. Sheet masks are pieces of paper that have been soaked in serum and are applied to the face for 20 minutes or so.

8. Eye lotion Eye gels, creams, or oils are designed to target the delicate, thin skin around the eyes and reduce puffiness, fine wrinkles, and darkness.

9. Moisturizer. Moisturizer acts as a sealant, ensuring that everything penetrates your skin.

10. SPF A growing number of people seem to be interested in the effects of solar damage, which are sold with SPF, just like moisturizer and foundation

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