Looking for kid-friendly activities? Check their zodiac sign

By Vasantha

Children of Aries, under Mars' fiery influence, love being physically active (something you've already picked up on). Especially if they can be a captain, or if they want to be an individual, sign them up for sports.


Taurus children are budding artists under Venus' creative influence. Taking visual arts classes or going to museums may be a treat for your Taurean. Money and collecting things are also practical traits of Taurus children.


Talking and being social are the essence of a Gemini's sun sign. Join the school radio or TV station, or volunteer to read morning announcements, since Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.


Moon-ruled Cancer is one of the most emotional and sensitive zodiac signs. Volunteering at the school cafeteria can stimulate your child's empathetic nature.


Leo children are creative and born for the spotlight, as they are ruled by the powerful energy of the sun. Make drama club, talent shows, or student council an opportunity for your Leo to express themselves.


They are very mature and rational, too mature for their age. Adult Virgos overload their minds with useless concepts and ideas that are too complex for their age to achieve perfection.


Children in Virgo have an altruistic desire to help others. Give your Virgo the opportunity to volunteer. As a result of Mercury's intellect, Virgos are also analytical and meticulous, making them excellent candidates for chess clubs.


Children born under the sign of Libra are social and cooperative. Diplomacy is another trait Libras possess, which makes them excellent candidates for debate clubs, Model UN, or peer counselling. Artistic and beautiful, Libra children are ruled by Venus' creative energy.


Competitive sports best express the Scorpio child's willpower and focus. Join a full-contact sport that releases some of your kid's natural aggression, like hockey or martial arts, or an athletic club that requires intensive training.


Sagittarius kids have a thirst for knowledge and are open-minded. This may result in your child having an innate knack for mentoring or coaching others; taking a younger student under their wing will boost their confidence.


Capricians are ambitious and dutiful and thrive under hierarchy. Your Capricorn child will shine in leadership and management activities such as student council, class president or leading a group project.


Aquarians, ruled by Uranus, are born rebels with progressive instincts. Children of Aquarius can start eco clubs or lobby local governments. Science and robotics clubs may appeal to Aquarius children.


In addition to playing an instrument or joining a photography club, Pisces enjoy writing poetry or short stories to enhance their creativity. Swimming may be a natural fit for Pisces children, especially if they're not put off by the competitive aspect of the team. 


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