Magic Johnson's NCAA Tournament tweets go viral

By Vasantha

NBA legend Magic Johnson watches along with us at the 2023 NCAA Tournament. The reason for this year's enthusiasm is explained in a tweet.

According to Magic, both men's and women's tournaments have been "more exciting" this year than any other, thanks to big upsets and close games.

It has been an exciting NCAA Tournament because so many upsets and close games came down to the wire," Magic wrote.

Thousands of views, likes and retweets have been attributed to Magic's tweet since last night. Magic's tweets, as usual, have been mocked by fans:

According to one user, winning teams score more points than their opponents. The NCAA Tournament is an annual basketball competition with 68 men's and 68 women's teams.

A third wrote, "In many games, the lower ranked team scored more points than the higher ranked team.".

As a result of the big upsets and compelling basketball television, this has already been one of the best NCAA Tournaments ever. Basketball fans understand Magic even if others don't.

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