March 23, 2023 - TikTok CEO Shou chunk testifies before Congress

By Rizwana

TikTok CEO Shou chew testified Thursday earlier than Congress as scrutiny mounts over the app's ties to China, and capacity countrywide.

Safety risks stemming from it. right here are 5 takeaways from the listening to.

The Biden administration has threatened to ban TikTok from the usa except the app’s chinese.

Owners agree to spin off their proportion of the social media platform. the usa and other.

International locations have additionally moved to prohibit the app on authorities gadgets.

Recollect TikTok would not operate in China.TikTok become the pinnacle downloaded app.

Inside the US in 2021 and 2022, consistent with records from analytics firm Sensor Tower. a number of the one hundred fifty million US users.

Who've constructed livelihoods and community on the app, say they are able to’t believe an the united states without it.

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