Maui Sunsets: 9 Best Places to wonder sunlight

By Vasantha

Kapalua Bay is renowned for its long, rocky beaches, giving it a sheltered and safe feel. Swimming and snorkelling are ideal at any time of year with its white sand beaches and shallow waters.

1. Kapalua Bay

Keawakapu translates to "forbidden cove" in Hawaiian. This sounds like a perfect sunset spot.

2. Keawakapu Beach

Paako Cove is ideal for watching the sun set. Black lava rocks scattered along the shore may entice you into this little paradise. A Hawaii holiday will not feel like Hollywood, but rather like a paradise vacation.

3. Makena Cove Secret Beach

Hanakao'o Beach is primarily a local hangout, not a tourist trap. There may be a casual canoer out at sea at Hanakao'o Beach, also known as Canoe Beach.

4. Hanakao’o Beach Park

World-class beaches like Wailea Beach look like they belong in a movie. "Water of Lea" refers to the deity of canoe-makers, Lea. Kahamanini, which translates to "surgeonfish," will remain the name.

5. Wailea Beach

Take a vacation from our beachy sunsets at Haleakala National Park this time? Your list is sure to grow as you discover new plants and creatures. Volcanoes are the best place to go for adventure.

6. Haleakala Volcano

Po'olenalena Beach (also known as Paipu Beach or Love Beach) makes you feel the love. Weddings are popular here. Beaches become quieter as the sun sets. Po'olenalena makes for a romantic sunset beach walk. I love Beach.

7. Po’olenalena Beach Park

Similarly to Haleakala Volcano, this hike culminates in a sunset. Don't be put off by Pali's name. Sunsets are more rewarding after a difficult ascent.

8. Lahaina Pali Trail

Last but not least is Ho'okipa Lookout, a hidden sunset spot. Windsurfing contests are well-known at this beach. It appears less crowded after competition season.

9. Ho’okipa Beach Park

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