By Vasantha

Miniature Wearable Designs and Nail Art

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What Is a Nail Artist?

A nail artist is a masters at their craft. But instead of clay, they use human nails. As qualified nail technicians, they clean, polish, and sculpt nails. 

What Do They Do?

Nail techs know how to clean, trim, file, polish, and buff natural nails. It is also a daily duty to apply and trim fake nails. 

How do Nail Artists and Technicians differ?

Nail techs are the stepping stones to nail artists. Nail changes are typically viewed as physical enhancements. Acrylic fake nails are also used to lengthen existing nails. 

How to Become a nail artist

A variety of nail artist training options are available depending on your skill set. Artists must first train as nail technicians to work in the beauty industry. 

School for nail artists and techs

A high school diploma or GED is required to become a nail technician. As well as natural nail care, you'll learn how to apply acrylic paint polishes and shape fake nails. 

Nail Artist Courses

The majority of new nail artists attend cosmetology schools, but you can complete an apprenticeship while taking a non-traditional course. 

Building Your Career

Working as a nail technician first will give you a solid foundation for nail art creativity. Become a nail artist. Make yourself a go-to artist by practicing on friends and family

Starting a second career

Nail artists have good job prospects. The nail care field is expected to grow 22% by 2031. It's time to develop your artistic skills if you're already a nail technician or considering a career change.

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