On Thursday, March 23, 2023, the Mars-Pluto conjunction affects three zodiac signs

By Vasantha

We may find that while our intentions are super-duper, our actions fall by the wayside due to Pluto's transit of Aquarius today, March 23, 2023.

 We conk out halfway through an effort, disinterested and wondering why we even bothered.

This day is full of second guessing and self-doubt, but for certain zodiac signs, the worst part is that we really and truly believe in something...until we don't.

The worst thing about this day is that some zodiac signs believe in something until they don't...and then they doubt it. It vexes us.

If Pluto is in Aquarius, you will do something that flies in the face of what everyone in your immediate circle is saying. However, you will believe that you have made the right decision before it is too late.


Although you are very good at whatever you do, you are sometimes wrong. It is tough for you to admit that you have done anything wrong.


Although this could be a great learning experience for you, you will find a way to get something from it all, but until you do, you may spend much of this day feeling shocked or disappointed.


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