Peter Andre reveals ruthless Yakuza boss clash with 'petrifying' Japanese MAFIA in bar

By Vasantha

After a terrifying clash in a bar, Peter Andre was left "petrified". He revealed the Yakuza member confronted him while he was drinking in Tokyo.

A mob boss in Japan berated André after the "dangerous" encounter. A man started yelling at me really aggressively one night, and it turned out he was a yakuza member.

My understanding was that he was demonstrating authority. It was petrifying, but thankfully it didn't escalate."

Yakuza are known for their tattoos and lopped-off fingers. Their activities include mass murder, organ trafficking, and sex trade in Japan.

Around 35,000 members of the organised crime syndicate engage in ruthless drug and firearm trafficking. The Bearkazuo Taoka, their most notorious leader, clawed at the eyes of his opponents.

Also opened up about touring with the Backstreet Boys for a year and his travels abroad. After a show, the group ended up in a naked sauna in Germany.

According to the star, she and her wife Emily MacDonagh arrived in their towels only to discover everyone else was naked.

There were naked men and women all around us in the mixed sauna. "We all laughed together."

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