Raiders Reportedly Refused Blockbuster Trade

By Vasantha

Last week, the Chicago Bears traded the first overall pick to the Carolina Panthers, but the pick was reported to be close to a different team.

According to Jeff Howe and Tashan Reed of The Athletic, the Raiders turned down a deal after hearing the Bears' demands.

The Raiders demanded the Bears' first and second round picks this year, two future first-round picks, and a future second-round pick in exchange for No. 1 overall.

In the upcoming draft, the Raiders still hold the No. 7 pick due to their refusal.

Despite what it appears in Las Vegas, the Raiders may have expected to move up to get the top overall pick.

The 49ers have signed former quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to a contract, making him their new starter.

The Raiders may still use Garoppolo as a transitional quarterback for a younger player they select in the draught, but he'll probably want to stay as the starter after leaving San Francisco.

In addition to having a top ten pick, the Raiders need to fill a number of positions.

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